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Specialists in Wedding & Evening dress alterations

Professional Dress Alterations in London

Wedding dresses and evening gowns are usually designed in a very complex manner. This means that a local dry-cleaner, or general seamstress, may not be the best person to do alterations. The best advice is to look for professional ladies tailoring and design services.

London Tailors Limited are the leading tailors in London and are specialists in wedding and evening dress alterations, our tailors will help re-organise the bustles, intricately sewn hems, and many other details.

It is important to note that when a dress is being altered, a lot can be done. The most experienced designers are used to working on evening dress alterations, and also on wedding dresses. In short, as soon as they get the mandate to alter a dress, they can go as far as changing the design of the dress completely. The owner of the dress therefore has to decide how much change they want to see on their dress.

london Tailors Limited have been in the market over thirty years and can be trusted to make great evening dress alterations, and wedding dress adjustments demonstrating their ability to work with the latest fabrics and finishing.

Well, with extensive knowledge, and numerous positive feedback from satisfied clients, you can never go wrong!