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Suit, Jacket, Coat and Trousers alterations

There are many reasons why you may find that you require clothes alterations. Shop-bought clothing often does not fit the buyer as well as could be hoped: sometimes a garment may be too long in places, and require shortening. The shoulders of a shirt may need to be narrowed or the collar tightened. At other times the garment may be too short and need to be lengthened in parts, and occasionally ladies’ dresses may need to be raised at the waist.

There are also times in which tailor alterations must be performed on clothing for the purpose of repair. With careful tailoring garments can be relined; new buttons can be added and broken zips replaced.

Clothes alterations tend to vary greatly in type: they range from the adjustment of formal wear to make it more comfortable, to measures to prolong the life of casual garments, as is often the case with jeans alterations.

If you are unsatisfied with your clothing, whether due to comfort issues or damage to the clothes in question, you should not abandon the garments just yet. There are many professional techniques available that will add new life to old clothing, and adjust uncomfortable or poorly-fitting clothes until they suit you perfectly.

Professional Quality Tailoring in London

Here at London Tailors Limited we offer a range of professional services including shirt, jacket, coat, dress, skirt, blouse and trouser alteration. We pride ourselves on providing quality tailor alterations at affordable prices and will gladly provide the services that you need for your clothing.